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Song Premiere: Randy Steele “A Golden Smile”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Randy Steele’s song “A Golden Smile,” from his forthcoming album High Cold Wind. The album was self produced by Randy Steele; engineered by Brett K Nolan at The Soundry; and mastered by Adam Brown. It was recorded at The Soundry in Soddy Daisy Tennessee. The song will be available on June 16.

“A Golden Smile” is Randy Steele on banjo and vocals, who also wrote it. Bright banjo tones and Randy’s smiling vocals and a poppy click track set the tone for this tale of woe.  And one line in particular that a insists on playfully tripping him up every time.  Here is his story on that.

Two things always stand out to me about the song ‘A Golden Smile.’ The first is a line from the 2nd verse, ‘Ventricles of granite pumping gravels through my veins’. It’s repeating hard consonant sounds tripped me up a few times on stage. Then it became a thing that got in my head and every time I played it I had this weird scary moment on stage every time. ‘Was I gonna drop the wrong line?’ Then typically right before I’m supposed to sing it, ‘Oh no, what even is the line?’ Usually it’s in these moments that my mind spits out something ridiculous.Total gibberish just to get through the line. My favorite flub was ‘Tentacles of panic dumping granite through my pants’”

The 2nd thing that stands out for me is the click. The click is an old Seth Thomas metronome that is sitting in front of a microphone. This very metronome sat on my Mom’s piano for decades and she recently gave it to me. It’s one of those crank up style that will hold time for a bit but eventually slows then just dies. It does have a more aesthetically pleasing acoustic sound than most of the modern day metronomes. I’ve played banjo and guitar scales with that old thing for so long now that the song feels like a duet with an old friend. — Randy Steele

Smartlink For “A Golden Smile”: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/randysteele/a-golden-smile


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