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Song Premiere: Bonnie & the Mere Mortals “Tennessee”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Bonnie & the Mere Mortals’ song “Tennessee,” from their forthcoming album Live & Unplugged at the Club Cafe, due to be released on Aug. 4. Live & Unplugged at the Club Cafe was engineered by Josh Gerba with help from Ben Alexsander; mixed and produced by Destin LeCornu at Sunset Place Studio.  It was mastered by Garrett Haines of Treelady Studios.

“Tennessee” (featuring Sophie Gault) is Bonnie Ramone on vocals and guitar; Matt Elias on guitar and vocals; Mick Francis on upright bass; Sophie Gault on guitar and vocals; Andrew Roulston on percussion; and Wayne Smith on pedal steel. And enthusiastic crowd sets the stage for this impassioned song, a call to Tennessee to be less of a stranger and more welcoming and inviting.  The song works on many levels, as fresh faced musicians still flock to Nashville, and folks feel disenfranchised, to politicians imposing personal restriction as well. “Renting doesn’t feel like much / It’s a heartbreak all its own / And these city streets don’t look like much / Not anymore, not a home.”

“Tennessee (live & unplugged)” is a song about feeling you don’t belong and aren’t wanted where you are, and that universal feeling of longing to belong. I wanted to re-release this because I love that song, but also – in “Tennessee “right now – I don’t think that feeling has ever been more palpable, and I wanted to be able to contribute something positive.” – Bonnie Ramone

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