The Rumble

REVIEW: The Rumble featuring Chief Joseph Boudreaux Jr “Live from the Maple Leaf”


The Rumble featuring Chief Joseph Boudreaux Jr – Live from the Maple Leaf

With big band gusto, funk & soul tossed into a 70s cauldron of captivating flavors as tasteful as Sly & the Family Stone, Malo, Earth, Wind & Fire, War, the Chambers Brothers & the penetrating horns of Luther Rabb’s Ballin’ Jack, Tower of Power, the Meters, or Average White Band — they seem to have it all. And that’s what makes this uniquely American.

The Rumble

There’s soul weaved through the notes with plenty of big band/swing torque. From New Orleans, this well-recorded live debut smokes from the start with “Up Until the Morning,” which even features a steamy Hammond organ solo. The intricate arrangements never lose their flexible focus. There’s even a fiery trombone solo mindful of the vigorous Ballin’ Jack’s Tim MacFarland slide trombone on the classic “Hold On,” from the blue Ballin’jack 1970 LP.

The 74-minute CD produced by The Rumble in New Orleans for Live from the Maple Leaf (Drops May 19–Rumble Band LLC) features 14-cuts of enthusiastic vocalizing as hot as “Soul Finger,” by the Bar-Kays & Arthur Connelly’s “Sweet Soul Music.” This band has the spirit embedded in their playing as they just jab away with notes & tight drum knockouts. “Uptown,” is quite a workout – I’m sure some lips were tingling after this brazen blowing.

The music of course is Mardi Gras rich, New Orleans chiseled with a long tradition that goes back to street performers & Storyville. It never gets old. On “Bow Down,” the vocals are commanding with a Chambers Brothers tone mixed with Taj Mahal vocal tradition. It adds up to a remarkable effort. There’s no way anyone’s feet can stand still in the presence of this type of musical fixing gumbo.

Every track cooks with fire & the vocals are infused with their own colorful arrangements to enhance the instruments that are fully fueled. “Morning Glory,” features Trenton O’Neal’s tsunami drum solo. It’s all mood-usurping. The blues evaporate & anxiety lifts. This will appeal to a broad range of tastes. While it’s keenly dramatic it’s never pretentious. These are accomplished players.

Highlights – “Up Until the Morning,” “Uptown,” “Bow Down,” “Morning Glory,” “My People,” “Wildman” & “We Are the Rumble/Wildman Outro.”

Musicians – Chief Joseph Boudreaux Jr (vocals/tambourine), Aurelien Barnes (vocals/trumpet), TJ Norris (bass/vocals), Ari Teitel (guitar/vocals), Joseph “Jose” Maize (vocals/trombone), Andriu Yanovski (organ/clavinet/keys/vocals), Trenton O’Neal (drums) with Amari Ansari (tenor sax) & Pedro Segundo (percussion).

Color image courtesy of Katherine “Sunshine” Johnson. CD @ Louisiana Music Factory &

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