Robin & Linda Williams

REVIEW: Robin & Linda Williams “A Better Day A-Coming”

Robin & Linda Williams – A Better Day A-Coming I always believed the team of Robin & Linda Williams were America’s counterpart to the edgier former English duo Richard & Linda Thompson. For some reason, I always kept their records/CDs together & their music always blended well in segues. This, their 40th year recording (few […]

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Rodney Crowell

REVIEW: Rodney Crowell “Triage”

Rodney Crowell – Triage While the first cut “Don’t Leave Me Now,” starts off rather slow for an opening it’s a nice surprise to hear the song kick into high melodic gear with its somewhat Celtic/Irish Americana old-world charm connection. This is songwriting with dynamism. The Grammy-Award winner Rodney Crowell still sounds vital, accessible & […]

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Steve Welner

REVIEW: Steve Welner “Back To You”

Steve Welner – Back To You Steve Welner’s Back To You (Drops July 16–14Feet Records) — an 11-song CD produced by the redoubtable Eric “Roscoe” Ambel (electric & acoustic guitars/vocals) features tunes filled predominately with upbeat little vignettes & hat tips to vintage rock n’ roll recipes. The production is consistently crisp & jukebox friendly. […]

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