Phantom Blues

REVIEW: The Phantom Blues Band “Blues For Breakfast”

Phantom Blues Band – Blues For Breakfast This 12-song album’s proceeds will be donated to musician Mike Finnigan’s School of Music at the Stiefel Theater in Salina, Kansas. Mike, a studio musician & member of the Phantom Blues Band (often backed Taj Mahal among other artists) passed away in 2021. Dedicated to Mike it features […]

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Bacon Brothers

REVIEW: The Bacon Brothers “Erato”

The Bacon Brothers – Erato – EP Though they consider this their 11th release it’s an extended play (5-tracks). Not a full album of originals but nonetheless actor Kevin Bacon (“Tremors,” “Jayne Mansfield’s Car”) always makes time to team up wonderfully with his Emmy-winning composer brother Michael to continue their quarter-century musical partnership to play, […]

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Alpha Cat

REVIEW: Alpha Cat “Venus Smile”

Alpha Cat – Venus Smile – EP I’m familiar with this compelling artist that drives this band & teeters on the edge of being a more folky-roots-oriented Patti Smith. While Elizabeth McCullough isn’t as intense, punky, or Beat Generation-tinted as dear Patti she has that carefree punk devil-may-care tonality in her vocal that’s captivating. She […]

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