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Song Premiere: Jon Stickley “Hunter’s Arc”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Jon Stickley’s song “Hunter’s Arc” from his forthcoming album Meantime’s Up, due to be available on April 28.  The album was produced by Jon Stickley, with recording engineers Clay Miller and Scott Barnettat of Crossroads Studios in Arden, NC.  It was mixed and mastered by Clay Miller at Crossroads Studios in Arden, NC.

“Hunter’s Arc” is Jon Stickley on acoustic guitar; Lyndsay Pruett on fiddle; and Hunter Deacon on drums and tambourine. A good percussion based song is welcome and relatively rare, and this is a sweet one, with powerful fiddle and picked guitar licks chasing one after the other.

Jon wrote the tune/harmony for “Hunter’s Arc,” but it didn’t really have a form or shape. He was interested in having lots of toms and that got me really excited. I love playing with mallets on drums and this tune was perfect to add an off-kilter, mallet-on-tom pattern to. Once we started working on the tune, it kinda became clear that the drums were going to be taking the lead as far as the overall shape of the tune. It naturally turned into “Hunter’s Arc” as a result. (It’s also funny to think of it as Ark instead of Arc). — Hunter Deacon

 “Hunter’s Arc” is an epic Celtic, even Medieval sounding tune I came up with when I was listening to a lot of “Folk Metal.” I was inspired by the way bands would be raging full metal, then there would be a breakdown and a little flute solo or something. The arrangement was heavily influenced by our drummer, Hunter’s vision. when we were recording the engineer exclaimed, “this one’s got quite an arc!” and we all agreed. It’s a song with arcs within arcs. The drums really have a chance to shine on this track. — Jon Stickley

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