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Video Premiere: The Burnt Pines “Bring Out Your Book”

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The Burnt Pines – “Bring Out Your Book”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of The Burnt Pines’ song “Bring Out Your Book” from their album produced by Aaron Flanders and Miguel Pereira de Sá Pessoa. The song was written by Aaron Flanders, Kristoffer Benton Skovmand, Miguel Pereira de Sá Pessoa.

“Bring Out Your Book” is Kris Skovmand on acoustic guitar, percussion, and harmonica; Aaron Flanders on acoustic guitar; Miguel Sá Pessoa on keyboards; Fernando Huergo on bass; and Erica Leigh on background vocals.

The video was directed and edited by Kris Skovmand.  Filmed in Portugal and featuring his four young sons on beach scenes and Kris in natural troubadour-style settings, just footage of authentic life.  Along with the guitars and vocal melody, is the old style of harmonica beckoning, this video feels like an honest glimpse into a life.  “There’s nothing that god will do to save you now.”

I’ve got 4 kids really close in age and I rarely had time to write songs. I started writing songs at bedtime as a solution to this. Sometimes I’d hit the nail on the head and do a full song as they were falling asleep. This is one of those songs, the other one was “From Seville to Manhattan” on our first album. “Bring Out Your Book” is especially close to my heart for that reason. But looking back I can also see that I was preparing for an eventual divorce and all of the consequences that would invite.

This song and the video were made on the cusp and aftermath of my divorce. I wanted to do the text justice. I missed my kids, so I brought them in, and I did not want to pretend I was anything different, or in a better place than I really was. I felt very raw, scared and vulnerable and I had no idea if it would work but I figured what mattered most was that it was a real representation and celebration of everything that brought light into my life during a dark time. It was never intentional but making these do-it-yourself-style videos has taught me to be more honest and open in my expression of my personal experience and not hide, or pretend it’s any different than it is. – Kris Skovmand

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