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Song Premiere: Season Ammons “I Could Get Used to This”

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“I Could Get Used to This” by Season Ammons from her forthcoming album, No Restraint, due out on July 14th.  The album was produced, engineered and mixed by David Percefull with assistant engineering by Casey Johns, Colton King and Derek Westbrook. No Restraint was recorded and mixed at Yellow Dog Studios, and mastered by Adam J. Odor.

“I Could Get Used to This” is Season Ammons on vocals and acoustic guitar; David Percefull on electric guitars and Prophet synthesizer; Glenn Fukunaga on electric bass; and JJ Johnson on drums.  “I could get used to this, having you right next to me — I can’t keep going on so desperately but I could get used to this” is a celebration of longing and a hope, against the odds, that a forbidden and clandestine (or just plain out difficult) attraction will loosen up and get a whole lot better and they could be together for real.

This song showcases the dysfunctional line between a co-dependant relationship and the need to be loved and wanted. All wrapped up in a seductive funky groove. — Season Ammons

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