The Bear and the Bison

Video Premiere: The Bear and the Bison “Train Train”


The Bear and the Bison — “Train Train” 

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of The Bear and the Bison’s song “Train Train,” from their recently released self-titled album.  The Bear and the Bison was produced by Mark W. Lennon, sonically mixed by veteran engineer Dean Nelson (Beck), and mastered by Danny Kalb (Beck and Ben Harper). All songs were written by Mark W. Lennon and Courtney S. Lennon. 

“Train, Train” features Mark Lennon on guitar and lead vocals, Dean Vivirito (Who Can Sleep) on vocals, Harmony Griffin (Uncle Ben’s Remedy, Leroy Townes) on guitar and Patrick Jackson (Folkfaces) on standup bass. 

The video was created by Mark and Courtney Lennon.  The arrangement of this song really pulls you down in deep in a timeless fashion.  You can hear the hobos in the background of your imagination while the music plays, and the lyrics pose a simple, honorable reflection on the passage of time.  And the video brings it to life: some things don’t change, others change radically. 

With “Train” our grandfathers were both train engineers, and we grew up listening to train stories

The idea of “Train, Train” came out of a train ride from Buffalo to New York City to visit a friend. Taking the train, she was thinking about different phobias with driving and flying, and that the train was a great alternative. The trip was absurdly slow. So slow, we could have driven there in 6 hours, around half the time it took on the train. The whole journey made it feel like a different time period, which made her think of her Grandpa crossing the country on his train, and what that may have looked like to him.

I guess it became a metaphor for our journey across the country from California to New York and set the tone of the record

The “Train, Train” video was edited trying to capture how different the country seems today from a century ago but at the same time, how unchanged it is. — Mark Lennon


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