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Song Premiere: Laura Marie “Shadows”

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Laura Marie — “Shadows”

Americana Highways bring you this premiere of Laura Marie’s song “Shadows” from her forthcoming album Too Sweet: Songs For Setting Boundaries, which is due to be available on May 26. The album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Jake Owen for DO Sounds; recorded at Super Legal Studio, Brooklyn, NY and mastered by Mike Fossenkemper

Musicians on the song “Shadows” are Laura Marie on vocals; Jake Owen on guitars, bass and keyboards; Mauro Refosco on drums and percussion; Andy Dollerson on additional keys and programming; Delaney Stockli on violin; Ludovica Burtone on violin; Lourdes Rosales on viola; and Emily Hope Price on cello.  In S

In “Shadows,” Laura Marie pinpoints the reason we should all step back, take deep breaths, and meditate on what’s going right in our lives.  The song is a  reflection set to a magnetic modern groove.  “Isn’t this madness, your addiction to this sadness when you have the ability but never do it differently. And all you ever talk about is how the world has sold you out… casting shadows.”    

There is joy in saying everything you wish you’d said to someone who hurt you. Alightness of being comes when you shed the energy of people who pull you down, and you cast off their shadow. — Laura Marie

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