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REVIEW: Jeremy Facknitz Band “Smilin’ At The Future”


Jeremy Facknitz Band – Smilin’ At The Future

This is an ambitious effort with some engineering tweaks to make the sound unfold with the vintage ambiance & then come on with modern-day muscle. The music itself is pop-oriented with some more expensive/expansive lyrical treatments. The guitars are heavy & laid on thick to good effect & intercepted by the strains of a violin & the band’s somewhat Stackridge (“The Volunteer,” “Happy In the Lord”) approach to their upbeat showcase.

Jeremy Facknitz

“Destiny” works excellently as an introduction to this band collaboration. “As Of This Morning” sounds closer to Stackridge’s offshoot unit that came years later as Korgis (“Everybody’s Gotta Learn Some Time,” “If I Had You”). The song is well-arranged & ingenious in how it punctuates its musical endeavor with a little more commerciality. An imaginative presentation.

“Michigan (Something In the Water),” is solid. Serious goings-on & the catchiness of the melody is insatiable. A little lighter in arrangement, the vocalizing is vigorous & animated. I may add it’s deliciously good. The 42-minute, 10-track CD Smilin’ At The Future (Drops March 31–Independent) comes in an elaborate perfect-bound book style that’s impressive. A full-color layout with lyrics. Somebody made an investment.

The songs are composed in a manner that sounds like they’re all fun to play. “There’s No Going Home Ever Again,” features vocalist Serenity Holloway & the production mirrors the rambunctiousness & gaiety of Bette Bright & Deaf School in the 70s (“All Queued Up,” “What a Way To End It All”). The more theatrical Fay Waybill & The Tubes is captured on the fiery “Come Alive” but “There’s No Going Home…” is excellent. It has soulfulness & it works magically.


The songs segue between tracks & on “Broad Strokes,” the musicians slip back into Korgis territory with the glazed Jeremy Facknitz melody. Edie Carey joins on vocals & the warm Ricky Sweum sax is the whipped cream on the apple pie.

This is all far above the ordinary. The 6-member band are the chefs in a musical kitchen – each recipe conjured tastefully. The title cut “Smilin’ At the Future,” has high-octane energy & is the closest thing to a Broadway show tune on the CD.

Produced in Colorado by Jarrod Headley (guitar swells on “Broad Strokes”) with musicians – David Siegel (violin), Ricky Sweum (sax), Brad Plesz (drums), Mike Kimlicko (bass), John Standish (keys) & Jeremy Facknitz (guitar/lead vocals/all music & lyrics).

A good time is guaranteed for all. Highlights – “Destiny,” “As of This Morning,” “Michigan (Something In the Water),” “There’s No Going Home Ever Again,” “Broad Strokes,” “Smilin’ At the Future,” “Come Alive” & “Lay It On Me.”

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