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Song Premiere: Jeremy Facknitz “There’s No Going Home Again”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Jeremy Facknitz’ song “There’s No Going Home Again” from his forthcoming album Smilin’ At The Future, which is due to be released on March 31.  The album was produced, mixed and engineered by Jarrod Headley, and mastered by Clint Wagoner. 

“There’s No Going Home Again” is Jeremy Facknitz on guitar and vocals;  Ricky Sweum on sax; David Siegel on violin; Mike Kimlicko on bass; Brad Plesz on drums; and John Standish on keys; and features lead singer of the Air Force Pop Band, Serenity Holloway.  

There are syncopated acoustic rhythms and violin entwined with keys as Jeremy Facknitz explores the relationships between memories and the spaces they occupied with his fluid vocal tones.  This song shines a spotlight on the changes that overtake our hometowns at an alarming pace: “theres’s a Starbucks where your memories once stood.”   “You gotta move on.”  Sadly, it’s so very relatable.  

It’s inspired by the Thomas Wolfe novel of nearly the same name and my trip to Holly, Michigan in 2013 when I revisited my hometown and didn’t approve of some of the changes I saw. My current self said to my past self “Wait a tick, who the hell are you? Look at you, with your Colorado tan and Colorado license plates. Didn’t you change, too?” Which led to this lyric…
“And if you think this town has changed too much for you, don’t forget you’ve done some gentrifying too. You’re a stranger coming in from out of state, with a sun tan and new license plates.”
We hired the lead singer of the Air Force Pop Band Serenity Holloway from Memphis to sing the chorus lines and back-ups. When you hear her, you’ll know. Her ad-libs in the last chorus might be the pinnacle of this album. — Jeremy Facknitz

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