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Video Premiere: The Scarlet Goodbye “The Ballad of Julie Ann”

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The Scarlet Goodbye — “The Ballad of Julie Ann”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of The Scarlet Goodbye’s song “The Ballad of Julie Ann” from their forthcoming album, Hope’s Eternal, due to be released on March 24.  The album was produced by Jeff Arundel at Avalon Studios Saint Paul MN, with additional production by D.D. Murphy; mixed by John Fields; mastered by Rob Genadek with cover design by Jarman.

Musicians on this song are Dan Murphy (Soul Asylum, Golden Smog) on electric guitar and vocals, Jeff Arundel on electric guitar and background vocals, Ben Peterson on drums, Pat Nelson on keyboards, Pat Frederick on piano, with additional vocals and keyboards by Jeff Victor.

The video was directed and recorded by Pablo Jones.  The actress cast in the video’s vignette is a historically significant figure for Golden Smog fans.  Watch the song’s story unfold in video form, and ride the chilling vibes of The Scarlet Goodbye as they turn the spotlight on how a baby can change everything: “it’s like a nursery was painted black…. Julia Ann the baby’s crying.  You were my go to.”

On “The Ballad Of Julie Ann,” Esther and Cooper are a young couple that recently added a baby to their nest, it causes conflict and she leaves the family pod to join a traveling burlesque revue conveniently called “The Scarlet Goodbye Traveling Revue.” Sad Cooper is left to ruminate.

If anyone was or is a Golden Smog fan, the star of the video playing Julie Ann in the song narration is Esther Levy the daughter of Victoria Norvell who was and still is – the one and only “V” in the song of the same title on the 1995 release “Down By The Old Mind Stream” by Golden Smog. Full circle for sure… — Dan Murphy 

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