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REVIEW: Maddie Storvold “Sunstorm”


Maddie Storvold – Sunstorm

This Canadian artist’s third studio effort features more originals than her Nashville-produced efforts. Roots-singer Maddie Storvold examines some serious subjects through her new music — such as musician who questions an enduring, long-term love in the face of life on the road, family traumas, anxieties, past relationships, infidelity & protecting children from harsh realities.

Produced by Graham Lessard Sunstorm (Drops Feb 23-Independent) finds Maddie singing with a graceful tone on “Long Time Gone,” which creates an atmospheric mood adding to her angelic vocal. An ideal voice for more spiritual music someday such as “Amazing Grace.” Maddie seems like a sprout from the artistic latitude that started with artists like Judy Collins. Delicate, expressive & with an aura of reassurance. You just can hear Maddie’s voice sings with sincerity.

That alone, her range of lyrics should be wide for she has the skills & the sound that can be applied to so many genres & tales. Aside from concentrating on her material, Maddie needs to understand the importance of creating a persona to elevate her repertoire. To focus on the audience she sincerely wishes to capture & keep to maintain career longevity. Maddie has a voice that isn’t commercially sweet, or mainstream shaped, but it projects an artistic thread — a quality not often found in even the best of vocalists.

Maddie Storvold

While not yet possessing the singular word craft of Joni Mitchell, the potential is evident. But right now, Maddie is more in the Judy Collins, Buffy Sainte-Marie & Janis Ian vein. Her storytelling is bright, but she hasn’t yet mastered the wordplay of mid-career Mitchell. Her vocal tonality, however, is potently there & quite a delight. The musicianship throughout is also well-balanced & applied with care.

Maddie Storvold

The songs were written over a 4-year span because Maddie is the type of singer-songwriter, like Joni Mitchell, who inserts her life experiences into her compositions.

Along with any other release of this 10-cut LP, Maddie also makes the music available in a limited run on white transparent vinyl.

Highlights – “Long Time Gone,” “Moon With a Fishing Rod” & “Sunstorm,” among others.

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