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Song Premiere: Gail Ceasar “Freight Train”

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Gail Ceasar — “Freight Train”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Gail Ceasar’s version of Elizabeth Cotten’s song “Freight Train,” from her forthcoming album Guitar Woman Blues, due to be released on January 6.  Guitar Woman Blues was recorded by Tim Duffy.

This interpretation of “Freight Train” is Gail Ceasar on acoustic guitar and vocals. Ceasar’s style is as gritty and raw as the high lonesome wind, with her vulnerable vocals and clear acoustic melodic playing. There’s an innocence here.

I learned this song years ago, I believe I was in middle school. We had a field day at a park and someone was there doing music. They were playing “Freight Train” and I remembered it, I knew I wanted to learn it, so I taught myself. I used to play down at a music shop called Pokey’s and I often played this song there, too. To me, “Freight Train” sounds like a getaway song. You know that line, “please don’t tell what train I’m on, they won’t know what route I’m going.” It’s a peaceful, comforting song. I listened to a lot of Elizabeth Cotten last year and to play the way she did – she was so gifted and talented and you don’t see anybody playing that way. — Gail Ceasar

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