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Song Premiere: The Snarlin’ Yarns “Die For a Drink”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of The Snarlin’ Yarns’ song “Die For a Drink,” from their forthcoming album It Never Ends.  It Never Ends is scheduled to be released on January 23 via Dial Back Sound. The album was recorded at Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, MS; it was produced by Bronson Tew and Matt Patton, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Bronson Tew.

Musicians on the album are Mara Brown on fiddle and vocals; Abraham Smith on poetry and improv; Jason Barrett-Fox on banjo and vocals; William Pollett on guitar and vocals; Tommy Dolph on guitar and vocals; and Ryan Ridge on bass.

The Snarlin’ Yarns take a humorous approach to exposing the reality of dire powerlessness some of us feel over the cravings of addiction.  The song is complete with yodeling and anecdotal stories of rubbing alcohol and the need for therapy over finger snapping rhythms and violin too.

Syphoned through a Reverend Gary Davis sermon and saved like a salty salmon from an MSG album, “Die for a Drink” is a cautionary tale of the fumbles, foibles, fun, and frolic of the excess and absence of addiction and addictive behavior. Be it alcohol or clean water, the tune ponders problems and pounds home the preponderance of temperance and judgement necessary to guide the guile. Poured into the Cup of Trembling, the song staggers toward the ocean and the ultimate solution sings out from under its drought and hangover. It is a deep cut on It Never Ends and echoes the sentiment of the title like the dark side of empathy or the drunken minstrel’s dilemma. “Die for a Drink” is a prayer, a promise, and a promissory note trickling from the banks of the drying lakes, rivers, streams, and favorite drinking holes. – William Pollett

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