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Show Review: Paul Cauthen at The Studio in Dallas

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Paul Cauthen at the Studio at the Factory, Dallas – 12/17/22

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The show opener and fellow Texan, David Ramirez, got things going with a solo acoustic set. His old timey sound was exactly what the doctor ordered to get the senses ready for what was coming. I personally can’t wait to see David with a full band.

The lights went dim and “Juicy” by Notorious BIG poured through the speakers signaling everyone in the building the time had come. Taylor Powell walked out and settled behind the drums as Charley Wiles, Matt McDonald and Parker Twomey all strolled out and got comfortable under their guitar straps. Jake Greenburg followed suit and strapped up his bass as “I’m blowin’ up like you thought I would / Call the crib, same number, same hood” filled the room.

As soon as the band got situated and ready to go, in true “Big Velvet” fashion, Mr. Main Attraction himself, Paul Cauthen made his appearance wearing the most fashionable outfit expected and turned the place upside down. A highball filled with whiskey was in his right hand as he walked to the front of the stage to raise the glass to say hello to everyone in attendance. He turned to go sit down his drink and just when I thought the audience couldn’t go any louder, I was proved wrong as the band kicked off one of their most recognizable and rowdy songs, “Fuck You Money.”

Looking like he just stepped off a private jet fueled with “champagne and diamond rings” Paul was suited up for showtime. On his head, he wore a tastefully shaped Kemosabe silver belly cowboy hat that semi hid a huge pair of Gucci sunglasses. His jacket was a royal blue long sleeve zipped about two thirds the way up exposing the big gold cross hanging around his neck. The jacket was trimmed out with the green and red on top of white racing stripes that ran down the sleeves. The pants were salmon with hot pink stripes down the legs and seemed to even be boot cut because they fit nicely over his tan suede cowboy boots. I’m not sure if Gucci makes cowboy boots or not.

An up and down tempo was the rhythm for the first six songs as the band alternated songs between their 2019 album “Room 41” and their latest “Country Coming Down” album which was released 8 months ago in April. “Big Velvet,” “Country Clubbin’,” “Freak,” and “Caught Me At a Good Time” were a great mix of songs before flashing back and treating everyone to a Paul Cauthen classic, “Still Driving.” It would be one of three songs they’d play from his 2016 solo debut album “My Gospel.”

At this point in the show everyone was on autopilot and just grooving along as the band seemed to play everything effortlessly and with complete and deliberate style. The players were calm, cool and collected while Paul treated everyone to a dance clinic that featured an array of moves that I don’t think got reused more than once for the entire show.

Things then mellowed out for the next few songs as Paul hypnotized everyone with his baritone voice backed by the psychedelic country riffs and bass solos. “Slow Down”, “Prayed for Rain” and “Holy Ghost Fire” are an inseparable trifecta of songs that really draw you in and give you a look at the soft side of Big Velvet. “High Heels” and “Champagne & a Limo” follow up those before going back to his debut solo days with “Saddle” and “Grand Central”, the last two songs from the 2016 album and was a great look back at Paul’s solo debut days before they hit the fast forward button and performed their latest album title track “Country Coming Down”.

For the encore, Paul gave the crowd just what they wanted, “Cocaine Country Dancin’,” which is by far his most popular song. At the time of me writing this review, the song had over 23.8 million streams. “Roll On Over” was next and was just another taste of that velvety voice Paul was blessed with when he was born. The night cap to end the show and my personal favorite Paul Cauthen tune, “Country As Fuck.” “Hot dog holly golly dagnabbit, I ain’t gotta sell my soul, If I want it then I grab it” sent everyone home with a little bit of a charge.

With recent events involving the theft of the band’s van, trailer and all their gear inside, here in Dallas no less, I can’t help myself but speculate the outfit and show opener were planned as a way for Paul and crew to maybe troll the guys that stole their stuff. Maybe it’s just my crazy mind fueled by sleep deprivation or maybe I’m on to something. Either way you have to admit, there’s no better way to troll a bunch of low life thieves who now know who you are and are more than likely at your show than by showing up decked out in full Gucci singing “I got fuck you money.”

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Set List:
Fuck You Money
Big Velvet
Country Clubbin’
Caught Me In A Good Time
Still Driving
Slow Down
Prayed For Rain
Holy Ghost Fire
High Heels
Champagne and a Limo
Grand Central
Country Coming Down
Cocaine Country Dancing
Roll on Over
Country as Fuck

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