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Favorite Albums of October 2022

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Favorite Albums of October 2022

You voted!  And now the results from the readers’ vote for favorite albums of October 2022 releases are in! Congratulations top dozen — this was a hotly contested, close one!  What a great bunch of albums this month! Check out this list to see what else was new, too. 

The top three will be featured in our new AH playlist “New Americana Music” this month, here:

Please heart & follow this playlist so it will grow and reach more music lovers and will be brought to the attention of our other playlisters too. (Find the playlists any time, on our website’s homepage.) Playlist: Back Roads

Playlist: Downstate on Apple Music

Playlist: Heartbreak City

Vote for your favorite November 2022 releases here:  

And now, for the top winners of the October 2022 poll, here:

1) Serabee “Hummingbird Tea”

2) Jeremy Squires “Hymnal”

3) Angela Easterling “Witness”

4) Ashley Heath “Something to Believe”

5) (tied)Will Payne Harrison “Tioga Titan”

5) (tied) Robert Connely Farr “Shake IT”

6) Truth & Salvage Co “Atoms Form”

7) Cory Branan “When I Go I Ghost”

8) (tied) Emily Scott Robinson “Built On Bones”

9) Rees Shad “Tattletale”

10) (tied) Jeremiah Johnson “Hi-Fi Drive By”

10) (tied) Julian Taylor “Beyond the Reservoir”


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