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Video Premiere: Truth & Salvage Co “Summertime”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of the Truth & Salvage Co.’s song “Summertime,” from their forthcoming album Atoms Form, due to be released on Blackbird Record Label / Indie AM Gold / Oakwilde Records on October 7. The album was recorded at Mant Sounds in Glassell Park, CA; produced by Rob Schnapf; and engineered by Chris Szczech. All songs on the album were written by Truth & Salvage Co.

“Summertime” is William Byron Smith on drums, percussion, and vocals; Adam Grace on organ and piano; Walker Young on piano and vocals; Tim Jones on rhythm guitar on vocals; and Scott Kinnebrew on lead guitar and vocals.

The video was directed by Scott Kinnebrew.  “The harder I jump, the further I fly into the sky,” is the catchy lyric line that sets the stage for life’s dance of ups and downs.   The video underscores the way things just keep coming, with scenes of waterfalls, skate parks, mountain mist, and “hold on people, ’cause it’s almost summertime again.”  The good times will return, and you’ll feel they’re on the way as you listen to Truth & Salvage Co.

“Summertime” was written way back in 2005, my first year in LA. The band was living in a landmark party house on Gower Street in Beachwood Canyon.

One night we found an old Ludwig piano painted purple up the street, we rolled it into the house where it became a permanent fixture. I’m no piano player but I played that thing a lot. The first melody I wrote on it ended up being the chorus to Summertime-“hold on people ‘cause it’s almost Summertime.

A friend once said about the tune: “I love “Summertime” because the verse sounds like the glass is half empty but the chorus comes around and reminds me the glass is half full”. His description nails it.

The song was written when I was 31, a time in life when we are all still quite youthful but we’ve seen some shit. Definitely came from a place of deep nostalgia. But also of course excitement because I was fresh into a new chapter of life in LA.

Still trying to figure out how I feel about life in this next chapter but man it’s a trip!

“Summertime” has always been a staple Truth & Salvage Co. song. We have played it live a lot, stoked that the recording is finally gonna be heard by everyone.

My inspiration with the video came from watching old mid century travel and nature videos on YouTube. I stumbled upon this super 8 video of two couples on a camping trip. It was mesmerizing to watch, I wanted so bad to be there. Pretty much made the music video itself.

Don’t worry- they are getting paid for any video streams! —Scott Kinnebrew

You can order and pre-save Atoms Form here:


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