REVIEW: Jeremy Squires Proves Himself A Great Artist On “Many Moons”



For Many Moons, his tenth overall album since 2006, prolific folk singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires decided to do things a little differently. Having written a number of deeply personal and introspective songs on his analog keyboard over the last few years, Squires decided to deviate from the classic modern folk sound that he has become known for, experiment a little bit, and record those songs for his latest album.

The result, artistically and musically speaking, is nothing short of breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

Possessing a soundscape that owes as much to the alternative rock of the ’80s and ’90s as it does to contemporary folk, the record serves not only as a testament to Squires’ prodigious songwriting skills but also to his amazing natural musicality as well. Except for his friend and fellow musician Whit Wright effectively adding pedal steel guitar on a couple of songs, Squires gloriously performs the vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, piano, and synth all by himself on the album.

Highlights of the record include the mesmerizing and synth-driven “Hazy,” the sobering and cathartic “Glass House,” the hypnotic and ethereal “Hummingbird,” the thought-provoking titular track “Many Moons” and the haunting and heart wrenching “Swan Dive.”

When it comes to being a songwriter, especially of the folk variety, being able to express life’s hardships, struggles and tragedies and the emotions that come along with them into lyrics that the listener can relate to is critical. Doing it in the way that Squires does it on this ultimately positive collection of songs about depression, bipolar disorder, opioid addiction, life, and death by imbuing them with overriding compassion for his fellow human beings, earns him a spot as of one of our most expressive and essential singer-songwriters.

Like all great artists, Squires is able to take the suffering from his own life and transform it into art that has the potential to help heal and comfort all those who come across it and in doing so elevates all of us as a race of human beings.

Many Moons by Jeremy Squires on the Blackbird Record Label was self-produced by Squires and is available now on his website .

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