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Video Premiere: Chris Murphy “Into the Past”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Chris Murphy’s song “Into the Past,” from his recent release Two Rivers Crossing (Friendly Folk Records). Two Rivers Crossing was produced by Chris Murphy and Kevin Jarvis and mastered by Dave Schultz. The album cover design was courtesy of Raegan McCain with photography by Eric Stoner.

“Into the Past” was written and performed with violin and looping effects by Chris Murphy.  It was recorded by Antoine Arvizu at The Compound Studio in Long Beach, California.

The video for “Into the Past” was created, filmed, and edited by Harmony Gerber.  Dramatic noir footage of Murphy playing violin under streetlights, in a decaying basement and other fitting settings set the video up to support the song’s message of drifters meeting on a train.  The song is spine-chilling violin with a train engine rhythm, and Murphy’s punctuated vocal cadence recounting the shadowy tale — truly spellbinding.

My song, “Into the Past” was totally inspired by my love of 1940s and 1950s film noir movies. One of my favorites, ‘Out of the Past’ (1947) is a film noir movie directed by Jacques Tourneur featuring Robert Mitchum that takes place in Bridgeport, California. He plays a drifter who gets pulled back into a life of crime by the malevolent Kirk Douglass. I love this title and I inverted it to “Into the Past” and wrote the song about some intertwining characters that meet on a train from Whitehorse to Seattle. 

TWO RIVERS CROSSING is the result of my curiosity to create song forms for fiddle and vocals that continues the time-honored lineage and well-worn pursuit going back for hundreds of years. Fiddlers would pick out dance rhythms and improvise lyrics, blues musicians would play some riffs and howl out a vocal, and Cajun musicians would sing and play at the same time and stomp their feet. This is a continuation of the fiddle/vocal music legacy that celebrated and enacted the music of what life is about: heartbreak, weddings, barbecue parties, joy, dancing, tears, romance, social occasions, waltzing, drunken rebel songs, blues shuffles, Harlem nocturnes; from a violinist on an Atlantic City boardwalk to a Kansas City Ballroom, to a Parisian night club, to a dusty migrant worker camp in California during the Dust Bowl, and tango musicians in Buenos Aires to New England fiddlers playing contradance music, the violin has been there through it all and I am curious where the path will continue.  -Chris Murphy

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