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REVIEW: Bern Kelly “Garden City”


Bern Kelly has a new album of all original, deep and introspective songs, Garden City.

The title track is rich, clear acoustic guitar and Kelly’s nostalgic ruminations. Skipping stones, and she didn’t want to be a cliché, working double shifts til sunlight. It’s all working toward the American dream. But, “I liked our campsite but the city made us move. The man said we can’t have the rich folks seeing you on your way home.”

“Elvis is Back” is working toward a glimpse of an upswing, despite a breakup. “Took my copy of Elvis is Back.” “In a Way, That Was A Kiss Goodbye” is an aching song of regret and goodbyes buoyed by Kelly’s emotional vocals.

“Anniversary” is pretty, thoughtful guitar playing with a walk down Main St. and the blossoming trees and an empty place to duck in for an early drink. “I’m going to need something strong.”

Later in the album “Loved Back” is a song stinging from “false hope covered in lies.”

Bern Kelly delivers introspective vocals and alluring acoustic guitar in this album of introspective, alluring lyrics. Sit by the fire, or go for a walk with your collar turned up against the wind with this album as perfect company.

Garden City was produced, engineered, and mixed by Bern Kelly. It was mastered by Patrick Damphier. All songs are performed solo acoustic by Bern Kelly.

Photography for the album is by Michael Butcher for Butcher Photography; with  layout and design by Ryan Currier & Brian Peppers.  The vinyl album was pressed by Memphis Record Pressing.

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