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Song Premiere: Bern Kelly “In A Way, That Was A Kiss Goodbye”

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Bern Kelly

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Bern Kelly’s song “In A Way, That Was A Kiss Goodbye,” from his forthcoming album Garden City, due to be available on November 18.  (Vinyl will be released in early 2023.)  All songs on the album were written, produced, performed, engineered, and mixed by Bern Kelly.  It was mastered by Patrick Damphier.  Album cover layout and design is courtesy of Ryan Currier, with photography by Michael Butcher. The vinyl record was pressed by Memphis Record Pressing.

“In A Way, That Was A Kiss Goodbye” is Bern Kelly solo on acoustic guitar and vocals.   Inhabiting a space within a specific place is part of the fabric of our lives, and remains that way even as the landscapes or cityscapes pass into memory.  


For a long time, whenever I’d go back to New York, it would always hit me how much I missed living there, but this last time was different. Maybe because it’s been so many years, and the city changes, or you change; but it became clear that I was no longer the same person as when I used to live there. I always thought I’d move back at some point, but for the first time I wasn’t sure anymore. So “Kiss Goodbye” was written as a love letter to a place you once felt deeply connected to but is maybe no longer right for you. Sometimes you say goodbye for a brief moment and sometimes for good. This song is about the push and pull of that. — Bern Kelly


Garden City is available on limited edition white vinyl here:

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