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REVIEW: Jessica Lynn “Lone Rider”


Jessica Lynn – Lone Rider

Opening with a radiating intro on “Now Or Never,” the tune reminds me of the excitement in Kellie Pickler’s “Red High Heels,” that skidded through my speakers with a Keith Richards-type guitar riff.

Jessica Lynn’s (acoustic guitars/piano) music isn’t as sweet & poppy as most contemporary country singers. Jessica’s borders on something more penetrating. Songs are for the most part energetic & well-recorded & album by this attractive young singer has some density on her first CD of pop country.

Lone Rider – (Dropped Sept 9-Daydreamer) is mixed with a dash of sophistication that allows the work with reservations to shine more than the base country singers on candy-coated country radio.

Produced by Jessica Lynn & Peter Calamera (bass/programming) the only weak link which isn’t serious is that there are tints of Bruce Springsteen sometimes — that render the country-pop diluted & the rock edge given more credibility. I enjoyed it anyway. It’s like pie & coffee – it’s bad for your waistline but I’ll have a second slice.


Jessica’s showcase is good. Sounds a bit like most mainstream female singers, but she possesses impeccable taste, good vocal range, intonation & phrasing. Far superior to many singers & she puts all those elements to good use in this 13-song collection. “One More Song,” has a tone change that I like best. Seductive, with solid arrangements. The song topics play it safe to attract a mainstream audience.

The title tune suggests Jessica Lynn could sing effectively in a more eccentric country style. Perhaps even journeying out into a jazzier style. “Everybody loves you when they’re reaching with an open hand…” — a good line from this 47-minute set & both guitars are slinky.

There are songs like “Better Than That,” which is too R&B for a country-inspired work. It’s more of a reach into commerciality ala the late Natalie Cole’s smooth manner. Which is fine but it’s like wearing a blue suit & silk tie with sneakers.

Jessica’s voice never fails & sings exceptionally well. Syrupy ballads should be avoided. “You Wouldn’t Know,” could become a hit – but she’s going down musical roads others have traveled. It’s a vocal duet with fine acoustic by Stephen J. Marks. It’s emotional – but it’s disposal. Jessica’s vocal deserves the more sophisticated tunes which are here – so she starts a career that will be taken seriously.

“Love Me That Way,” is formulaic. Jessica sings with fervor but it’s typical country radio & jukebox fodder. “You Won’t,” is a turnaround. Soulful with a good groove. Bright horns & clever lyrics. “You Never Remind Me,” is another slow soulful delicacy.


Highlights – “Now or Never,” “One More Song,” “Lone Rider,” “You Won’t,” “Love The Day Away,” & “Run To.”

Attractive CD art & lyrical insert with color images. Musicians – Matthew Bauer (percussion), Andrew Harts (drums), Art Labriola (piano/organ), Robert Riedel (pedal steel guitar/dobro), Steve Sterlacci (electric guitars) & John Winton (sax).

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