Song Premiere: Steven Keene “Save Yourself”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Steven Keene’s song “Save Yourself,” written and produced by Steven Keene, from his forthcoming record Them and Us due out later this year.   Them and Us was recorded and mixed by Shorefire Recording Studios.  “Save Yourself” is Steven Keene on vocals, acoustic guitar, and cowbell; Joseph Chiarolanza on bass; Layonne Holmes on background vocals; Matt O’Ree on guitar; Rich Scannella on drums; Lisa Testa on background vocals; and Arne Wendt on keys.

With hip leads and rock ‘n roll stylings, Steven Keene urges you to save yourself in the grooviest of possible ways on Them and Us.

I sat next to an older gentleman on a plane recently. Sometimes people open up with strangers quite readily when you are sitting next to them having a cocktail or two during a 2-hour flight… anyway, he went on to say “people are too focused on the world nowadays ..saving this, saving that…the next thing you’ll hear is ‘save the chickens’…they should be more concerned with saving themselves.” I don’t necessarily identify with that mindset, but sharing ideas about how to balance ‘saving the world’ and taking care of oneself served as food for thought..that’s really how this song was born. While there are always worldly problems that we try to solve, the song is especially topical in the face of COVID-19.  — Steven Keene

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