New Songs on the Road Map — August 2022

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Here’s a monthly roundup of a small handful of the very interesting new songs that crossed our path over the past weeks:

Hooten Hollers “Cat Scrap” — This one is a bluesy, rootsy rock delight as these cats “strut their stuff” and circle a fight.

Hazy Jane “Linden and Rowen.”  They’ve harnessed the flinty 70s style harmonies of the Karen Carpenter era with just as much ease.  


Randy Lewis Brown — “Winds of Change”  Randy Lewis Brown magnifies and mirrors the tension of our thoughts in his songwriting as we long for sunny days.  



Billy Keane — “Long Long Time.”  Heard of Billy Keane yet?  You should. Strings, hand claps, and a long trip down the nostalgia highway are his bag.  




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