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Song Premiere: Brandi and the Alexanders “Where You Belong”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Brandi and the Alexanders’ song “Where You Belong,” from their forthcoming album Reflection, due to be released this coming Friday.  Reflection was engineered by Quinn McCarthy; produced by Quinn McCarthy, Eric Gottlieb, and Brandi Thompson; mixed by Quinn McCarthy, Ken Helminger, and Eric Gottlieb; and mastered by Fred Kevorkian and Brent Miller.

“Where You Belong” is Brandi Thompson on vocals; Eric Wendell on bass; Nick Fokas on guitar; and Eric Gottlieb on drums, synths, and keys.  Brandi and the Alexanders make exciting blues vibes happen.  Sometimes we break up with a friend and move on, and the pain still needs to be processed just like any other loss.  This song explores how closure ultimately happens.  Take a sneak preview listen and pre-save the rest of the album below for more lush music.

The idea for this song was conceived long after a breakup with a friend, with whom I was very close. For years after, despite how they treated me toward the end of our friendship, I longed for that friendship and dreamed of ways to reconcile. Though I eventually realized I was better off without them, I wanted to capture that feeling of wanting something you know isn’t healthy for you, and feeling as though the person who hurt you is the only one who can fix what they broke. – Brandi and The Alexanders

You can find the music here: Listen all the way to the “vinyl record stop” ending, and be ready for the rest of the album will be released in time for the weekend.


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