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Video Premiere: Wreckless Strangers “Raw Deal”

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Wreckless Strangers — “Raw Deal”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Wreckless Strangers’ song “Raw Deal,” from their recent release When the Sun and a Blue Star Collide. The album was produced by Colin Linden; engineered by John Whynot with assistant engineer Sean Beresford; and recorded at Calliope West.

All songs were arranged and performed by Wreckless Strangers with Colin Linden and the horns were arranged and performed by Jim Hoke.

“Raw Deal” is Amber Morris on vocals; David Noble on lead guitar and vocals; Joshua Zucker on bass; Austin de Lone on keys; Mick Hellman on drums and vocals; and Rob Anderson on guitar.

The video was created by Dan Foldes, of Pint of Soul: http://www.pintofsoul.com/. This is a live performance of Wreckless Strangers!  Well, when you took off like a bat out of hell to get away from drama in a relationship, this song captured it for you. Pedal to the metal and you’re free!  Wreckless Strangers will set you up in a liberating groove.  Let it drive you to freedom.  And the live performance of the band give an air of reality to it all rom the power vocals to the killer guitar solos.

Country songs tell a lot of different kinds of stories, you got your love songs, songs of loss, love of trucks & dogs songs, drinking songs and somebody done somebody wrong songs. “Raw Deal” falls into the latter category, but is truly a victim to victory song. I wrote it in early 2019 with David Noble and Mackenzie Brown. The song is about a woman escaping domestic abuse. She builds up the courage to leave at dawn – peeling off in her boyfriend’s new hotrod, taking back her dignity and spirit with every mile she drives as the trailer park disappears in the rear view and new roads open up ahead. — Amber Morris

Order here: https://linktr.ee/wrecklessstrangers

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