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Video Premiere: Sara Niemietz “Locks”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Sara Neimietz’ song “Locks” from her forthcoming album Superman, scheduled for release on October 28. The album was produced by Sara Niemietz and Linda Taylor; mixed by Linda Taylor at Rubicon Music; engineered by Scott Campbell; recorded at Horse Latitudes Studio in Los Angeles, CA; and mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Mastering.

“Locks” is Sara Niemietz on vocals; Linda Taylor on guitar; Daniel Pearson on bass; Ed Roth on piano; and Léo Costa on drums.

The director of photography for the video was Eddy (on Instagram as @chicano_slice); set design and props were courtesy of Alex Nester; with editing by Sara Niemietz.  Niemietz arranges a hip, upbeat rhythm to support her courageous, “stepping out” music.  Left and right speaker tradeoffs in the production emphasize the song’s snappy energy.  For the video, the trippy energy is born out by colorful movements on a white backdrop which create an ultra-modern visual framework for the jazzy pop song.

The first chapter in this book. “Locks” is a fresh beginning. Shaking off the past, being fearless in the present, and owning myself, unapologetic. Soaring guitars and vocals tell the story of embracing the now and refusing to play it “small.”

When I got in front of a microphone in the studio and opened up, it was so freeing! “Locks” sets the tone for “Superman” and starts off the sonic adventure and story. — Sara Niemietz

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9 thoughts on “Video Premiere: Sara Niemietz “Locks”

  1. Sara Niemietz is amazing! Her talent is not from this world! Love her! Follow her on all the social platforms!

  2. Excellent video, excellent song, the next chapter in a life journey. Kudos to the team that created this masterpiece: Sara Niemietz, Linda Taylor, Alex Nester, @chicano_slice! thanks for the gift!!

  3. Excellent video, excellent song. Another chapter in the amazing journey of Sara Niemietz. Beautifully crafted by Sara Niemietz, Linda Taylor, Alex Nester, @chicano_slice. Stay tuned for more from this marvelously talented group. Be sure to grab the soon to be released “Superman” album by Niemietz-Taylor.

  4. This video is an excellent production by Sara and her team (@chicano_slice, Alex Nester, and Linda Taylor). The lyrics and the visuals are “locked” together in their meaning and interpretation: Leave the past behind (monochromatic white) and jump into the future with endless possibilities (a kaleidoscope of colors). In addition, the song rocks with a rhythm that drives it from start to end. This is a masterpiece of song and video production!!! Brava to Niemietz-Taylor!!

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