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Song Premiere: Griffin Anthony “Cruel To Be Kind”

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Griffin Anthony — “Cruel To Be Kind”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Griffin Anthony’s song “Cruel To Be Kind,” the closing song from his recently released album The Art of Collecting. The album was produced by multi-instrumentalist Jon Estes (Kacey Musgraves) and features Single Lock Records’ Steelism and Molly Parden.

This song is a stripped down acoustic number, and features Griffin Anthony (songwriter) on guitar and vocals; Jon Estes on guitar and keys; and Molly Parden on vocals.  “Even hypochondriacs get sick sometimes” leads off the song and it’s a thoughtful look at the fine lines we walk with each other sometimes.  Well-crafted and very pleasing to listen to.

A few weeks before heading into the studio to track The Art of Collecting, my dear friend and talented film producer, Nina Warren asked, ‘whether or not “Cruel to be Kind” makes it on the new album, I’d like a stripped-down acoustic version as I’m shopping a script that it may be perfect for down the road.’ Of course, it may never be used in Nina’s future film, but I had to at least give it a shot. What’s that Wayne Gretzky quote again?… So a month or so later while in the studio, I told the story to Jon Estes and he was game. Super simple arrangement overall. Molly’s voice is just so beautiful- and being able to hear it so prominently in the mix is my favorite thing about the recording. — Griffin Anthony

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