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REVIEW: Michelle Rhea Goddard “Breaking Bread: Songs of Reconciliation”


Michelle Rhea Goddard has a new album, Breaking Bread: Songs of Reconciliation. The album was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Brian Connelly, recorded at Connelly studios, and produced by Michelle Rhea Goddard.  Vocal coach was Lee Farish.  Photography for the album was courtesy of Danielle Shields, with album artwork by Danielle Hamilton.

At 17 tracks, this is a healthy serving of healing, spiritual songs.  A musical play, if you will, with three acts: first, that of making peace within oneself.  Secondly, making peace with others. And the third act’s set of songs is the extension of oneself beyond oneself and immediate family and connections, to the broader world.

“Letting Go” leads off the first section of the project — just a simple song of letting to sung in gentle tones.  By the time you get to “Nashville,” you’re in the area of obeying God’s command.  “Cazadero” has a country style intro as the song invites you to follow and leave the small town behind.

These folksongs give advice. They’re simple and plaintive. They extend an offering for when you need direction. This is Michelle Rhea Goddard’s exploration of signs she sees from God and an application of them to the human experience at all levels, inner, close, and then globally too.

Musicians on the album are Michelle Rhea Goddard on vocals; Brian Connelly on acoustic and electric guitars, guitarlele, ukulele, bass and mandolin; Cammi Connelly on keys; Massimo DiStefano on drums and percussion; Jessica Dunnavant on flute; Quentin Flowers on bass and double bass; Glenn Holdaway on trumpet; Liz McBryde on fiddle and violin; and Grace Parce on cello.



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