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Video Premiere: Billy Keane “A Long Long Time”

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Billy Keane — “A Long Long Time”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Billy Keane’s song “A Long Long Time,” from his forthcoming album Too Much to Let it Go, due to be available on August 19.  The album was produced by William Keane Jr. and Marc Seedorf; engineered by Marc Seedorf; mixed by Andrew Oedel; and mastered by Chris Boerner (The Kitchen Mastering).

Billy Keane performs the vocals and guitar on the song, brought into visual clarity in the video footage. He takes his sweet time and carries you along every step of the way, his easy style soothing your soul on this emotional song.  What do you do when nothing changes for your heart but it still can’t work out?  Face it with emotional honesty, let Billy Keane light the way.

I wrote “A Long Long Time” for my ex-partner, after we had decided together that we needed to move forward separately. It was a long time coming, our break up, during which we both grew and learned and struggled. But we loved each other, and we cared for each other. I wrote this song as an expression of my continued love and care, and my hopes that she would find in her future a life and partner that would cherish her the way she deserved. It’s no easy thing, recognizing the need to split with someone you do still have love for, but we do what we must, and if we can do it with compassion and love and well wishes, all the better. I recorded the track in one take, adding a drum and handclaps in studio, and then layering on piano, rhythm and lead acoustic, and harmonies at my home studio in my Berkshires cottage. – Billy Keane

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