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Video Premiere: James Holvay “This Girl”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of James Holvay’s version of the song “This Girl,” the title track from his EP just released on June 24. The album was recorded at Lake Transfer Studios; engineered by Steve Cohen; and mixed and mastered by Cameron Lew.  Musicians on the EP are James Holvay on vocals and guitars;  Les Falconer on drums; James Manning on bass; Stu Pearlman on keys; and Duane Benjamin (Michael Jackson, Diana Ross) on horns.

The video stars James Holvay and Debi Otto. It was directed and edited by Cameron Lew with production assistance from David Gutel. Special thanks for the video go to the Barbara Morrison Theater, Steve Sales, and family and friends too.

“This Girl” was written by Stu Pearlman.  Wicker baskets and a picnic in the park, riding with the top down, and hotdogs with onions launch this sexy soulful and very timeless take on this song.  Adding horns to the swing beat to a glorious effect.  Holvay nails the 60s vintage soul once again.  And, guitar aficionados — note the Jaguar guitar.

My original idea for the “This Girl” video was a photo homage of all the great women who impacted my life — my grandmother, mom, daughter…and others. Since the song was so upbeat with a soulful vibe, the director, Cameron Lew, felt that idea would be better served if it focused on one female.

I suggested my girlfriend, Debi Otto. We’ve been together for 12 years. The idea was perfect because once Debi heard the song, she fell in love with it!

My music genre is 1960s vintage soul. I thought the EP album cover and video should have a cool, James Bond-type of vibe to it. We found a vintage Jaguar E-series and clothing from the 60s to fill the vibe. 

Debi scoured the internet for 60s-style clothing, while Cameron searched for a 1960s XKE. He found an exotic car rental place but it was way over budget. I knew of a local, independent Jaguar Restoration shop in Canoga Park. I spoke with owner Steve Sales and explained the EP cover vibe I was hoping to create. I asked if he knew anyone that owned a 1960s XKE Jaguar. Steve said, ‘Yeah. Me!’

We now had the theme, the clothes, and the car! The video was shot in Southern California at Lake Balboa, Debi and I were on a date, strolling through Downtown Los Angeles. In the final scene, Debi and I peek inside a nightclub, I step onto the stage, pick up a guitar and sing the last chorus of “This Girl.” A perfect ending to a beautiful date. — James Holvay

Find the music in lots of places, and buy it here on Bandcamp: https://jamesholvay.bandcamp.com/album/sweet-soul-song-ep


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