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Song Premiere: Peter Mulvey and Sista Strings “Old Men Drinking Seagram’s”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Peter Mulvey and Sista Strings’ “Old Men Drinking Seagram’s,” from their forthcoming album Love is the Only Thing. The album was produced by Peter Mulvey; engineered and mixed by Steven Foxbury with additional engineering by Graham, Greg Majors and  Satchel Paige Welch. It was mastered by Steven Foxbury. Cover art on the album is courtesy of Bob Green and Bill Coil.

Musicians on the song are Peter Mulvey on vocals and acoustic guitar; Monique Ross on background vocals; Chauntee Ross on violin; and Nathan Kilen on drums, percussion, and background vocals. The song was written by John Statz and Peter Mulvey

“There’s only one grocery store, the cannery is gone, nobody keeps a garden, but they got big white lawns” sets you up and then come the twists — they pick on so many kids (the queer kid, the jews),  they are afraid to lose, “lord help the smart kid,” … “there’s exactly two black kids, and three shithole bars”  and it’s a bleak, bleak slice of America courtesy of Peter Mulvey.  This is one for this summer, right here right now, for sure.  It’s a Mean Old Town.

John Statz and I parked on the dike in the West of the Netherlands that separates the North Sea from the Zuiderzee. We sketched this portrait of a few American towns we’ve had the dubious pleasure of knowing. Some of the meanest things I’ve ever said get said in this town. Often, our daily life is a search for the optimal balance between honesty and kindness. In art, sometimes the gloves come off. All the noise in the background is Chauntee and Nathan. — Peter Mulvey 

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