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REVIEW: Courtney Hale Revia “Growing Pains”


Courtney Hale Revia is releasing a new album this week, Growing Pains. The album was produced by Courtney Hale Revia, with additional production by Ryan Len Johnson, Brian Baker and Cody Eldridge. It was recorded in Beaumont, Houston and Port Neches, Texas.

“One Way Out” features nimble guitar work and an intrinsic sadness. “Born and raised on a town with one flashing light,” and the girl in this song never moved out. She stayed. There’s something honest and real about the staying, and it comes across in this song, despite a touch of wistful longing.

“Growing Pains” again will touch your heart, as the sky’s been trying to cry all day. “Lavender Cowgirl” is a Country Western song as a country waltz.

Later in the record, “Coffee Beans” is an light, uptempo number and an ode to the energy of the humble coffee bean with a fiddle keeping time.

The last song on the record, “Bloom Where You Are,” was written by her father James T. Hale. It closes the album on a strong note. There are many litters at work here – musical, generational — with good advice about what it is to be home.

This album is thoughtful and will catch your attention, ask you to slow down and consider life in this moment. Musically it’s charming Americana. Lyrically, the autobiographical elements of Growing Pains could be the personal experience of many of us. In addition to blooming where she is, it’s also notable that Courtney Hale Revia has founded the 7 Oaks Event Garden — a listening room in Southeast Texas.

Musicians on the album are Walter Cross on drums; Chris Webb and Tommy Felps on additional drums;  Jason Touchette, Lance Revia, Zach Edd, Cody Eldridge Jason Touchette,and Courtney Hale Revia on percussion; Ellen Melissa Story on violin; Zachary Edd on bass; Mark Nesmith on acoustic lead; Cody Eldridge on lead guitar; Southpaw Smitty on mandolin: and Courtney Hale Revia on vocals, harmonies, and rhythm guitar.

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