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Video Premiere: Courtney Hale Revia “Rainbows at Night”

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Courtney Hale Revia — “Rainbows At Night”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Courtney Hale Revia’s song “Rainbows at Night.”  The song is a track from her recent release, Growing Pains. “Rainbows at Night” was produced and engineered by Brian Baker, and recorded at Sounds Arts Recording Studio in Houston Texas.

Musicians on the song are Courtney Hale Revia on rhythm guitar and vocals; Cody Eldridge on lead guitar; Walter Cross on drums; Ellen Melissa Story on fiddle; Southpaw Smitty on mandolin; and Zach Edd on bass.

The animation artist for the video was Andrew Knives.  “Rainbows at Night” is a lovely and unique image, and Courtney leads you by the hand, musically, to the wonder of the idea.  “You died twice to leave something more behind… so I’m catching rainbows at night so you can see them when you open up your eyes.”  Imagine the possiblities with hope.

Did you know a dandelion dies twice? It blooms yellow, dies and then blooms the white and fluffy flower that sheds its seeds and refuses to stop growing. I find artists to be the same way. The creative ones. The sensitive ones. They die twice. Once to fear and then again at the end of their life’s journey but their art lives on, inspiring those around them to do the same. Creating light in a world of darkness. — Courtney Hale Revia

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