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Song Premiere: Belle Curves “Check Engine Light”

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The Belle Curves — “Check Engine Light”

The Belle Curves

Americana Highways is premiering this song by the Belle Curves: “Check Engine Light,” from their forthcoming album Watershed, due on June 24. (“Check Engine Light” will be available on May 27.) Watershed was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bill Hafener at Silo Recording in Brookhaven NY, and produced by Delaney Hafener and Bill Hafener

“Check Engine Light” is Nick Balzano on drums; Sarah Gross on harmony vocals; Bill Hafener on electric guitar;  Delaney Hafener on bass, lead vocals, organ, and acoustic guitar; Greg McMullen on lap steel; and Anne O’Rourke on harmony vocals and tambourine.  Get ready for some rootsy rock ‘n roll with the Belle Curves’ latest.  On a road trip when the darker side of reality rears its head, this song recounts the tale of struggle while being far from home, and with smoking’ electric guitar leads.

I think everyone should take a road trip in their twenties if they are able to. The trip that “Check Engine Light” is about was a really formative experience for me. My partner and I were traveling in the midst of the 2020 election cycle, experiencing a country whose inherent contradictions were becoming abundantly clear. I wanted to tell the story of that trip in a way that conveyed the joy and wonder of the experience while still capturing the disillusionment we felt. I hope the whole album communicates those contradictions, and the deep kind of hope and optimism I hang on to as I try to reckon with the reality of where we are as a people. — Delaney Hafener

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