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Song Premiere: Rod Picott “Dirty T-Shirt”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Rod Picott’s song “Dirty T-Shirt” from his forthcoming album Paper Hearts and Broken Arrows, due to be released this June. 

Paper Hearts and Broken Arrows was produced and mixed by Neilson Hubbard, engineered by Dylan Alldredge, and mastered by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering.

“Dirty T-Shirt” is Rod Picott on acoustic guitar and vocals; Lex Price on bass and tenor guitar; Juan Solodzano on pedal steel, slide and guitars;  and Evan Hutchings on drums with Neilson Hubbard on piano and harmony vocals. 

Rod Picott has a large core following and these dedicated fans have come to expect complex, heavy hitting, serious, sometimes even solemn, songwriting about human struggle.  Picott carries this style across his other writing as well, with some very dark and very often twisted and troubled characters (for example see here: Book Review: “Out Past The Wires” by Rod Picott).  

However, this one is radically different.  How, you might ask?  Well the quality and detail is all there, but the subject matter reveals a new down-and-dirty Rod not often hitherto seen.  And it’s so needed and welcomed in this era of the filtered selfie, to find imagery so utterly sexy in the barest, most real form. We suggest you grab yourself a glass of ice water before you press play on this beautiful, dirty lovin’ song.  Thanks Rod! 

The simple rocking between the Gm and F chord sounded like sex to me. There was something elemental in the feel and pace that my mind went to that place. I’ve not infused many songs with a sense of the erotic world; playfully a few times, but not head on. It was very satisfying to go right to the heart of the thing. That mysterious thing that pulls our bodies together is not completely knowable. There is something primitive and temporal and also spiritual that happens when it works. A tide impossible to resist. — Rod Picott

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