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Book Review: “Out Past The Wires” by Rod Picott


Rod Picott — Out Past The Wires

Rod Picott is a songwriter, a musician, and a writer of novels, prose, and general observations, as anyone who follows him on Facebook will attest.

Out Past the Wires is a group of short stories. Stories of people who should know one another, if they don’t obviously already.  Some might know each other.

There’s a hard senseless death.  Folks with numbed feelings. Dead marriages. Young love buried too soon in a teenage pregnancy. The sting of poverty.  Embarrassment.  Murder.  Addiction.  Insomnia. Mistakes.

It’s really a collection of stories all spotlighting the sorrowful end of the range of human experience, particularly the ordinary kind. And downward spirals.  It’s not the story of royalty. It might be the story of you and me.  And it is definitely the story of our least fortunate neighbors. And that kid in class nobody really talked to.  And the man who lost his job when his family was barely hanging on.  The girl who had a crush on the handsome older boy, and that was the fleeting highlight moment of her life.  Marriages that lacked kindness.  Accidents.

There is a CD to accompany the book –also called Out Past The Wires —  that really ties the chapters together.  A song for each chapter that brings the emotions home.  It’s a contemporary multi-media expression of the story, and renders it fuller and more complete.  “We all have scars… we all sleep under the same blanket of stars.”  The music really heightens the experience of the stories.

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Find the book and more, here: http://rodpicott.com/books/hwgmbfdc9cllqp1ot72qcbv2g5a0ov

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