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Song Premiere: Mike Thomas “A Song Like That” (feat. Dan Baird)

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Mike Thomas’ song “A Song Like That,” featuring Dan Baird on guitar, from Thomas’ forthcoming album Three Reasons Deluxe Edition, due to be available on May 13. Three Reasons Deluxe Edition was produced by Tres Sasser; engineered and mixed by Joe Costa; and mastered by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering.  The songs were recorded in Franklin, Tennessee and the album will be distributed by Electric 3 Records.

“A Song Like That” is Mike Thomas on electric guitar and vocals; Dan Baird on electric guitar: Don Bright on electric slide guitar; Tres Sasser on bass;  Dave Colella on drums and percussion;  Michael Sharp on keys; and Weston Woodford on vocals.

Oh yeah! Get down to the groovin’ guitar sounds with three electric guitars — Dan Baird and Don Bright accompanying Mike’s guitar — and swaggery, sizzling vocals.  Looking for a sexy song, “one that grabs you by your soul and sets you right again, like a late night call from a long lost friend.  I’ve been searching for a song like that.”

We were searching for the final song for the Three Reasons Deluxe Edition album. We’d tracked a couple of songs, but we felt like we still hadn’t found the right one. A few days later my wife asked me if we were finished recording all the tracks. I explained that we were having trouble finding the right song to finish the record, which prompted her to ask me what kind of song I was looking for. As I tried to describe to her what kind of song I wanted to record, I realized that I was searching for the same type of song I am always searching for – a song that makes a connection with the listener. A song that “says it all in about 3 and a half.” So I guess you’d say I wrote a song about the songwriter’s never ending quest to write a song that makes an honest connection with his/her audience. — Mike Thomas



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