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Artists Limelight: Marcelo Maccagnan “Creatures of Habit”

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Americana Highways is hosting this song by Marcelo Maccagnan, Brazilian bassist: “Creatures of Habit,” from his forthcoming album due to be released this summer, All Cats are Grey at Night. All Cats are Grey at Night was produced by Marcelo Maccagnan; mixed by Jun Yang Ng; and mastered by Stephen Pettyjohn

“Creatures of Habit” is Maxime Cholley (France) on drums;  Andrew Cheng (Malaysia) on electric and acoustic guitar;  Marcelo Maccagnan (Brazil) on bass; and Simona Smirnova (Lithuania) on vocals.

If you’re looking for a song with lots of foreboding and ambient vocal pops, this song is for you. Sometimes psychedelic/jazz/dream pop music hits a spot where it’s almost purely tapping into your unconscious dream state, and Maccagnan’s songs are right on this target.  Enjoy the music as you listen to the true, but perhaps a bit uncomfortable, realizations about daily life: “nothing is really as it seems… start all over and repeat again.” 

This is my first song to ever have a singer and lyrics. I first wrote the song completely instrumental. I was going to get my coffee after waking up and started thinking about how we have habits that we live with everyday. Made me feel in a way stuck in my life and hopeless for a second. But it gave me inspiration for the song.

I really liked the instrumental version, but I wanted to do something different and write some lyrics so people could connect better with the idea. So that’s what the lyrics are about. Repetition and habits.

Took me so very long to write the lyrics. I never done something like that before, so it was a fun experience for me.

I also like to highlight the initial guitar riff/phrase, that is played throughout the song. I really enjoy progressive, repetitive music, some thought it was the perfect opportunity to connect the title of the song (about habits/ repetition ) with a single phrase that dictates the pace of the whole song.

The song is sung by Simona Smirnova.

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