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REVIEW: Beau Jennings & the Tigers “Heavy Light”


Beau Jennings & the Tigers have a new album out on Black Mesa Records, Heavy Light.

Musicians on the album are Beau Jennings on vocals and guitar; Chase Kerby on guitar, keys, and backing vocals; Michael Trepagnier on bass; John McCall on keyboards; and Dustin Ragland on drums.

Album opener “Sunflower” is of the best kind of country rock — and it’s full of dreamlike references to the passing of time and the seasons, all while the music builds nice and easy.

“The Comeback” is set up with rhythms to get your heart racing, and harmonica to create the feel of driving in the summertime with the top down. Ride with your arm out the window along with the tambourine and “close your eyes, watch it all unfold.”

The title track is a nice layered set-up — “Easter’s coming Mama, you should see her dress,” is songwriting imagery and memories.

“Juniper” is a soul searcher about a child who is already beginning to grow up and out of reach.  Beau Jennings’ easy style, stepping in and our of neighboring notes, is consistently both dreamlike and provocative.

All throughout the album you’ll hear echoes of the Traveling Willburys and Tom Petty, and you’ll be remembering Petty while you turn it up.  It’s easy music with lyrics that dig deep, the kind of Americana music that’s perfectly suited to warmer weather.  Cheers to great heartland rock, Beau Jennings.

All songs arranged and produced by Beau Jennings, Chase Kerby, John McCall, Dustin Ragland and Michael Trepagnier.  The album was recorded and mixed by Michael Trepagnier at Cardinal Song with additional recording by Beau, Chase Kerby and Dustin Ragland. It was mastered by Kevin Lively Mastering

Find the music here:!AmericanaHighways

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