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Show Review: Pat Byrne and David Tribble in Fort Worth

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Pat Byrne and David Tribble in Fort Worth

The Post at River East

A cold night came to a close in grand fashion at the Post at River East in Fort Worth Tx.  The night began with a chilly but much enjoyed set by local musician Jacob Furr in the courtyard.  I sat listening enjoying a Pastrami & Swiss along with Pat, who just drove up from Austin Tx.  Soon after we moved inside to the Trinity room. 

David Tribble

David Tribble opened

As the crowd sat relaxing in the lowlight with the Van Morrison playlist coming through the house speakers, a mountain of a man in a Stetson hat took the stage, local musician David Tribble.  He opened the show, and quickly the room got quiet.  He sat playing a few songs off his latest album Golden Junk.  A soulful, honest set of songs, unknowingly, taking us all away from the grind and the worries we had before we all walked in.  

Pat Byrne

Pat Byrne played next

Pat Byrne didn’t waste any time making his way up afterward.  Out of the green room just off stage, he grabbed his guitar and started by gratefully thanking the crowd, the venue, and the other musicians.  Oozing with his Irish accent, he lead us further into the night with songs and stories that kept us hanging onto every line and note.  He drew laughter from the crowd telling stories about growing up in Ireland but coming to Texas 4 years ago w/ his friend Jack, finding his way here and landing in Austin to chase his dreams and write songs. 

He quickly captivated the room with ease, devoted to his craft as his soulful Irish tone filled the room.  Playing songs off his new album Into The Light.  Songs like “Feeling Indigo & “Capsize”, along with others that have inspired him along the way. The room erupting with a warm applause at end of every one.  

A Memorable Night

Getting a deeper look to where the music comes from and the inspiration behind the songs is always a treat when attending a live show and sets it apart from just pushing play.  Both are needed but I hope you will go support an artist by filling a seat and buying a ticket. 

This evening was a memorable one.  A lovely night of getting to know these passionate singer songwriters.  Accompanied by the amazing acoustics of the Trinity room at the Post in River East.

All this and it was just a Thursday.

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