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Song Premiere: The Waymores “Even When”

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The Waymores

Americana Highways presents this premiere of the Waymores’ song “Even When,” from their forthcoming album Stone Sessions, due to be available on April 8 via Chicken Ranch Records. Stone Sessions was produced by Willie Heath Neal and Steve Stone; engineered and mastered by Steve Stone.

“Even When” is Willie Heath Neal on vocals; Kira Annalise on vocals and acoustic guitar; Cody Jung on electric guitar; Steve Stone on steel guitar; Shawn Thacker on drums and Eddie Martin on bass.  Get your dancing’ shoes out for this new music by the Waymores.  Although the song is ostensibly about losses, and their bittersweet experience, it’s overtaken by a strong drive to move on, and “I don’t miss you even when….”

“Even When” reflects upon losses: People and situations that you thought you couldn’t live without. As time passes maybe you realize you were wrong and other times maybe you weren’t. Some people really aren’t worth missing but no matter how many times you tell yourself that, it still stings when they go.

When we started writing “Even When,” we weren’t in this place of anguish over lost loves but more of a spiteful spot taking the approach of “I don’t need anybody” but also “don’t you miss me?” The lyrics came rather quickly but the dynamics were born later, in the studio. In the breakdown, Willie asked our steel player to pick the steel like a banjo and it wound up being one of our favorite little album secrets.

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