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REVIEW: Noah Guthrie “Blue Wall”


Noah Guthrie (no relation to Arlo and Woody) has a new album out this week, Blue Wall. It was co-produced by Noah and his brother Ian; engineered by Ian Guthrie; and mastered by Pete Lyman. Album photography is courtesy of Eli Warren.

Musicians on the album are Noah Guthrie on vocals, vackground Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars;
Ian Guthrie on drums, and background vocals;  Rhett Shull on electric resonator, and acoustic guitars;
Philip Conrad on bass; Rhett Huffman on piano, organ, and celeste; Gideon Klein on fiddle, strings, and pedal steel; Gabriel Klein on organ and Wurlitzer; Randall Rainey on pedal steel; and David & Lori Guthrie on background vocals.

Noah Guthrie has earnest, breathless vocals that are perfectly evocative and powerful.  It’s a unique blend.

On the opening track, “Hell or High Water” there a real power-rock energy that sets the pace for the rest of the album.

“That’s All” highlights a rhythm that grounds you while the rest of the song unfolds in a slow, thoughtful fashion.  Lyrically, Noah pens a song here of the one who wasn’t meant to be.

“Things to Fix” is a collection of things calling our attention to be fixed, and an emotional recognition that there ain’t enough hours in the day to fix them, or to fix the relationship either.  “Welcome the Stranger” has a heavier rhythm and a call to reach out in the confusion. “What we do is who we are.”

“High Enough” is a slow tempo song and Guthrie really sings on this one: “your love don’t reach high enough.” This is an honest breakup song of regrets.

Listen to the album overall as a major breakup album.  In the midst of something traumatic, Noah Guthrie has given us an album of wistful nostalgia and gentle hope with Blue Wall.  There’s power here.

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