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Video Premiere: D. Boone Pittman “Jordache Jenny”

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D. Boone Pittman — “Jordache Jenny” video premiere

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of D. Boone Pittman’s song “Jordache Jenny” from his recently released album Emerge. Musicians on “Jordache Jenny” are D. Boone Pittman on vocals and guitar; Mike Drury on bass; Chris Robbins on drums; and Assaf Gleizer on keys.

The tale unfolds. He had middle school in his hand and he hit a wall that he never planned on the day he met Jenny in her Jordache jeans (and feathered hair).  “We both had a lot name that started with P…. Good-bye honor roll.”  As the days grow shorter it seems everyone could use a little chuckle these days, and this song can be your happy smile for today.  D. Boone Pittman crafts songs that are easy for anyone to reminisce and relate to.  Listen to the nostalgia as you watch the band’s live performance in this video created by Mikale Youravich.

The song is based on that awkward time in life that I remembered as middle school. Jenny is a fictional character, but I think most of us can relate to that powerful infatuation that many of us experienced at some point at this time in our lives. I particularly remembered the denim trend that the girls of my middle school memory were all wearing, known as Jordache jeans. I wanted the song to be as descriptive as possible, while painting the picture of a one-sided love affair between an 8th grade beauty and a not so popular kid who were made to sit together every day because of their last names. I really struggled with whether or not to release the song, particularly in today’s climate. I even formed a focus group made up primarily of women that I hold in high regard to make sure the song wasn’t being interpreted as offensive. But at the end of the day, it’s just the coming-of-age story of a harmless crush.  — D. Boone Pittman

Find lots more information, tour dates, and bio details here on D. Boone Pittman’s website: https://www.dboonepittman.com/.  Watch the premiere right here:

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