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Artist’s Limelight: Brei Carter “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’

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Brei Carter — “Kiss An Angel Good Morning”

Brei Carter has a real country swagger.  Press play to listen to her interpretation of Ben Peters’ song (made famous by Charley Pride) “Kiss An Angel Good Morning.”  It’s so fitting an honor to Charley Pride’s recent passing.  As a child, I always switched the pronouns on popular songs sung by males, and hearing Brei Carter’s change-up of the pronouns on this classic song was lovely and even nostalgic.  “Love him like the devil when I get back home.”  Why not have men be the angels sometimes?  But the song has a depth and a groove too, with Carter’s casual sweet vocal tones floating above the instruments.

While she’s gender bending some traditional narratives, she’s also demonstrating the history of African Americans in the country and Americana music genres.   Brei Carter is one to keep track of, and sift through her back catalogue, then follow and earmark her to see what’s next.

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