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Song Premiere: Virgil Shaw “The Valley”

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Virgil Shaw — “The Valley”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Virgil Shaw’s song “The Valley,” from his forthcoming album At the Time I Didn’t Care.  At the Time I Didn’t Care is due out October 22 (Rocks In Your Head).  The record was produced by Sonny Smith (of Sonny & the Sunsets0, mixed and engineered by Robby Joseph, and mastered by Mikey Young.  It features artwork and cover design courtesy of Troy Peters.

“The Valley” is Virgil Shaw on guitar and vocals; Rusty Miller on guitar; Henry Nagle on guitar and pedal steel; Whitney Shaw on harmonies; Danny Heifetz on vibraphone; Atom Ellis on bass and vocals; Sonny Smith on piano and harmonica.

Sometimes in life there are moments that are intensely dramatic, yet when we look back on them years later they seem curious and perplexing.  Virgil Shaw addresses the phenomenon of time healing all wounds in the most sensitive and vulnerable way you can imagine, with raw music and real gut-punching vocals.

The valley is a song about when I once was so in love, and how I would do anything for it, blinded to the point of taking my own life for it, How could this be now? I fly over that valley we lived in, and now just glance down from above and turn my magazine page. Does anything really matter? — Virgil Shaw



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