Video Premiere: Mick Mullin “Foolish Son”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Mick Mullin’s song “Foolish Son,” from his forthcoming album Mullin’ It Over. Mullin’ It Over was produced by Mick Mullin and Jerry Webb; recorded and mixed by Jerry Webb at The Project Room; and mastered by Billy Whittington.  The album is due to be available on October 29.

The single song “Foolish Son” will be available on October 15. Musicians on the recorded song are Mick Mullin on vocals, acoustic guitars, and Hammond Organ; Jerry Webb on electric guitars; Joe Spivey on fiddle; Eddie Lange on pedal steel and dobro; Craig Duncan on fiddle; Glen Martin on saxophones; Daniel Jones on electric bass; Lisa Horngren on upright bass; and Aaron Cates on drums.

On the video, the musicians are Mick Mullin on flat-top guitar and vocals; Glen Martin on.guitar;  Adam “Ditch” Kurtz on pedal steel; Daniel Jones on bass; and Aaron Cates on drums.  It’s the sign of the times that the band is masked for the performance at the Five Spot.  Mick Mullin has low restrained vocal tones that recall the early 70s country sounds of Johnny Cash mixed with the music of 80s countrified ZZ Top.   But with a contemporary blended country style that’s all Mullin. And a commentary on growing up that is very relatable. 

An album release party is planned at The Five Spot on October 29, featuring Mac Leaphart and Jack Evan Johnson as special guests.

Since I was kid, the book of Proverbs has been my favorite book of the Bible to read. Frequently in this book, the parent-child relationship is the vehicle by which the contrast between wisdom and foolishness is illustrated. I’d read those verses and feel convicted, especially during some dark valleys of my life. Growing up, my father often told me I was making the same mistakes he did in this very disappointed tone. It’s one of those lines that just replays in your head over the years and it just naturally found its place as a lyric over this cool melody I wrote for a different song years before. Of all the songs on the album, this is the one that demands to be cranked the loudest. — Mick Mullin

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