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Song Premiere: Mark Rogers “$50 Fine”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Mark Rogers’ song “$50 Fine,” from his forthcoming album Rhythm of the Roads, due to be available on October 1. Rhythm of the Roads was produced by Mark Rogers and Rob Ulsh; recorded, mixed and mastered by Rob Ulsh at Master Sound in VA Beach.

“$50 Fine” is Powell Randolph on drums; Jimmy Masters on bass; Alan Parker on electric guitar; Lori de los Santos on harmony vocals and Mark Rogers on acoustic guitars and vocals.  Kick back and enjoy the easy grooves of Mark Rogers’ songwriting as it winds through life’s obstacles. 

Wisdom isn’t free. It’s gained through the payment of little “fines” incurred along the way. These “speed traps” if you will, may come in the form of “measurements” such as grade point averages, credit reports, job status, health maintenance or they may include some sort of “set-back” e.g. lost love, divorce, homeliness, sickness, loss. Either way, we’re all on the road to somewhere and we’ll lay our money down eventually. “Fifty Dollar Fine” is a song about an awakening of sorts. The realization that they’re going to catch us. We all pay. But here’s the truth. It doesn’t matter. Nothing lasts forever. Hey, I wanna fly. — Mark Rogers

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