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Song Premiere: Jenny Parrott “I Thought”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Jenny Parrott’s song “I Thought’ from her forthcoming album The Fire I Saw. The Fire I Saw was produced by Jenny Parrott and mixed by Chris Frenchie Smith at The Bubble.  It was mastered by Sarah Register.

The album art was photographed by Carrie Jane Fink with design by Catfish.

“I Thought” is Jenny Parrott on synths and vocals; Daniel Jones on drums; Gary Newcomb on bass; and 
Munkh-Orgil Turbold on guitars.  Jenny Parrott creates potent songs with a smoldering drowsy flow and electric distortion.   Kick your feet up this afternoon, press play and see. 

“I Thought” was written as a response to an abusive relationship at a time in my life where I swore I’d cut out people with violence in their repertoire. It’s about when your first instincts to love, to cherish, and to give your all, later turn out to be incorrect. The fearful realization that maybe you just ‘loved’ that way with such intensity because you’re repeating some old, broken pattern of childhood violence. I grew up with a violent childhood and am a trauma survivor. While I have healed a lot, and have a big capacity for love, I still sometimes make the wrong choices and love people who are abusive. I suspect that as I age, my radar will get sharper and sharper, but I still make mistakes. – Jenny Parrott

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